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the wall street journal

"Managers Learn to Bond With Remote Workers" (print and online)
"How I Got Here: Richard Seidlitz, Director of Licensing National Football League"
"How I Got Here: Omniture's John Mellor, Executive Vice President of Business Development"
"How I Got Here: Mark Zafra, Director of Supply Chain Management, Verigy"
"How I Got Here: Nilofer Merchant, CEO/Founder, Rubicon Consulting"
"How I Got Here: Colin Hendricks, Chief Technical Officer, Rome Corp."
"How I Got Here: Karen Wagner, Partner, Davis Polk and Wardwell"
"How I Got Here: Avid Modjtabai, Executive Vice President & CIO, Wells Fargo"
"How I Got Here: Susan St. Ledger, Senior Vice President,"
"90 Days: Pinch-Hitting Is a Key To Success at Small Firms"
"90 Days: Working Productively As a Telecommuter"
"90 Days: Relocating Overseas"
"90 Days: Working for Yourself"
"90 Days: You're the New Boss, Now What?"
"90 Days: Planning a Move to Your Second Job"
"90 Days: Managing Your Former Peers Takes Extra Effort"

the washington post

"Oakland's Police 'Riders' on Trial"
"Specter of War Stirs Dissent on Campus" (contributed)
"Berkeley Students Rally for Palestine"
"Circus Trainer Accused Of Abusing Elephant"
"In One Fitness Class, the Fight Against Terrorism Gets Personal"
"Wine Sale Makes Bid for Normality"
"Couple Indicted in Deadly Dog Mauling"
"Calif. Couple Banned From Owning Dogs"
"Inaugural Intruder Credits God" (contributed)
"Blackouts Hobble Calif. for 2nd Day" (contributed)
"California Forced to Turn the Lights Off" (contributed)
"Supporters Help Lee Turn 61 in Freedom"
"Nader Is Poised to Play Spoiler" (contributed)
"World Celebrates Joyously As Y2K Worries Dissipate" (contributed)

business week

"The Empty Chairs"
"Wanted: Professors of Entrepreneurship"
"Jobs: How Long Can Services Pick Up the Slack?" (contributed)

"Of Mooncakes and Multinational Business Goals"

modesto bee

"Changing to fixed rate can shrink payments, end expanding loan"
"Creative? Outgoing? Have great communication skills? Marketing career could be just the ticket"
"College-bound job-seekers can look to on-campus career centers for assistance"
"Keeping it clean: Today's chimney sweeps defy soot-soaked stereotype"
"Trimmers rise to top of their profession through certification, time spent in trees"
"Big need for nannies: Qualified childcare providers in high demand in the valley"
"Internet can aid in your home search or sale"
"The truck stops here: Drivers in high demand at Northern Refrigerated Transportation"
"For teenagers, summer jobs abound - if they know where to look"
"Experts share home-pricing strategies for today's market"
"Foothills homes: weekend getaways, year-round retreats?"
"Many pieces to tile work, with good pay for those who meet mental, physical challenges"
"Mixing it up: Children's entertainers do a lot more than clown around"
"Spouse vs. house: Communication, flexibility key when couples shop for place to call home"
"All the right moves: Patience, passion required of quality dance instructors"
"Student-built housing combines quality, affordability"
"40-year loans fit some homebuyers, investors"
"Doctor's orders: Get paid well and enjoy flexible hours as medical transcriptionist"
"Moving up means moving out of Golden State for some"
"Show me the money: Bank tellers have new titles, new areas of responsibility"
"Spring fever: As homebuying season heats up, buyers can get head start"
"Warmer weather signals tax season, too: Homeowners, get set to deduct"
"Continued growth keeps builders busy in, around Merced"
"Whether sanding, smoothing or painting, auto body workers keep their hands dirty"
"Experts weigh in on market direction, interest rates"
"Builders anticipate solid year for new home sales"
"Land grab: Surveying the terrain one meter at a time has its peaks, valleys"
"Lost in Translation"
"Real estate industry embraces growing Hispanic market"
"Give It Your Best Shot"
"Take Your Pick"
"The Right Stuff"
"Contain Yourself"

san francisco chronicle
"Filoli Mansion Buffed and Polished for Its 2000 Season"

the slatin report
"Ants in the Pants at Union Square"

avid technology
Avid Xpress® DV Customer Profiles: Center for Advanced Technologies
Avid Broadcast Customer Profiles: WKYC
Avid Unity MediaNet(TM) Customer Profiles: Creative Bubble
Avid Broadcast Customer Profiles: KTBS 3 TV
"KLAS Hits the Jackpot with Avid iNEWS"
"Forensics: Alameda County, CA District Attorney's Office"
"Educating Deep in the Heart of Texas"
"Avid Systems Help Living Straight Take Flight"
"dTective Demystifies Multiplexing for Woburn PD"
"Making a Difference in Delaware"
"Aiming High with Avid Xpress DV"

"Jayesh Parekh -- 'I have arrived'"
"Robin Freeman -- 'hands-on service'"
"Paras 'itchyhands' Dagli"
"Guri Grewal -- 'live in the moment'"
"John Silliphant -- 'love in action'"


"Picture-Perfect Holiday"

"Technology/Wireless: The Home of the Future May Be Just That, Part 1"
"Technology/Wireless: The Home of the Future May Be Just That, Part 2"
"Technology/Wireless: New XML standard tags news you can really use"
"Technology/Wireless: 3G Wireless Networks" (co-authored)
"Personal Shopper: 3D Animation Tools"
"Technology Overview: Digital Asset Management"
"Technology Overview: 3D Animation"
"Life on the Edge"
"Searching for Perfect Results"
"Rent a Cybercop"
"Here, Talent, Talent, Talent..."
"NSX by Genex"

revolution magazine

"Digital tomorrow report - Friendly interfaces"
"Is rich media stuck at the gate?"
"Trailblazer - The dropout logs on to a campus opportunity"

Holiday E-Gift Buying Guide

group computing magazine

Company Profile: Ives Development
Company Profile: GWI Software
Company Profile: Percussion Software
Company Profile: IT Factory

"Journal of the Public Domain"
"California Coastal Climate Superb for Sake"
"Rhone Rangers Strike Back"
"Notoriety, Reclusiveness: California Tidefall Tales"
"Vendor's Story"
"Understanding Bobo"

"Current Issues in Childcare Compensation"

san mateo county times

"99% brains, 1% sweat for these tech bigwigs"
"Silicon Valley commuters take trips on the Nerd Bird"
"Game's star doesn't cash in"
"Palm computer is not just for nerds, goes everywhere"
"Federal officials pool resources to fight software piracy"
"Technical dominion in danger"
"Online entrepreneurs finding success in their own homes"
"Web builders donate time to charities"
"Web crashes put reliability in question"
"State approves high-tech work schedule changes"
"Fans crowd forum for chance to meet world's richest man"
"Web address technology finds patron Microsoft to offer Centraal service"
"Oracle gives air miles to Special Olympics"
"Silicon Valley a hot property for more than just technology"
"This doctor makes doghouse calls"
"Raychem cuts 250 positions in Menlo Park"
"Chip industry predicts boom"

"Gunslinger by trade," a four-part series:
"Gunslinger by trade"
"Neophyte stock trader rides online roller coaster"
"Part time, full time, young, old -- they're heading for the action"
"Trader talk"

"Web site new way to honor the dead"
"Future PC the size of a button?"
"Student guidance reaches digital age"

"Empire of Ideas," a three-part series:
"Intellectual capital drives Silicon Valley growth"
"Internet high-tech firm a first in San Carlos"
"Parts supplier survives outside Silicon Valley"

"Gene firm to merge with Dolly cloners"
"Bay Area projectionist puts his work in the spotlight"
"Internet gives war victims a voice"
"Teen-agers in charge at E. Palo Alto Web firm"
"Intel touts hardware for home networking"
"Entrepreneurs cash in on Y2K paranoia"
"Hi-tech tour views Silicon Valley"
"Once-obscure Linux shines at conference"
"Oracle, others to link appliances via Web"
"Lockyer targets software pirates"

"What a Tangled Web Site They Weave" (co-authored)
"Espresso Yourself"
"License to Steal"
"Valley High"
"Maricopa County Superior Court documents go online--well, sort of"
"The Rubens"
"A Home Page Away From Home"

muse magazine

"Scene on the Screen"
"New York Jones-in"

pc world

"How to Stop Searching and Start Finding" (contributed)
Engines and Directories: The Basics
Directories: Yahoo Versus Its Rivals
Expert Sites
Specialty Search Engines
Top Search Tips

prized writing, uc davis

"Not Simply Pure -- Olive Oil"

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